Ibeacon is defined in the dictionary as a fire or light placed at a height for warning, signaling or celebration. “Lighthouse” is defined elsewhere.

Beacons are small and low-cost transmitting devices that are equipped with Bluetooth low energy (Bluetooth low energy) or Bluetooth smart and can transmit proximity-based messages.

This revolution in technology development was achieved when Apple introduced a protocol called iBeacon at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in 2013.

After that, the companies produced compatible hardware transmitters called beacons.

This technology emphasizes the two main axes of proximity and internal routing of the building. iBeacon technology is a way to collect information from employees, users of an organization or business and communicate with them through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Bluetooth low energy is sent as a beacon technology signal to receiving devices such as mobile phones and tablets. iBeacon allows users to send their location, arrival and departure time and status to the organization’s managers through the application installed on the smart phone.

In fact, this iBeacon technology is very effective in reducing the cost of tracking and monitoring for business owners.


Ibeacon-based systems implementation methodologies

  • Centralized positioning

In this method, receivers are installed in different places of buildings or areas, and the iBeacon is placed in the hands of people or on vehicles. As the person moves in different places, these receivers receive the iBeacon signals.

The receivers transmit the received signals to the central server. The server processes the received information using its computing algorithms and determines the location of the beacon technology.

  • Distributed positioning

In this case, Bluetooth beacons are installed in different places and start sending signals. Users’ phones and tablets receive these signals. A software is installed on the phones, which calculates the location of the owner of the mobile phone by receiving the iBeacon information. If needed, this information is sent to the server through the Internet or Wi-Fi.


Work steps

  • The possibility of tracking manpower and equipment in mines online

The traffic control system can be implemented with centralized positioning methodology. In this method, by installing the iBeacon transmitter (fixed and portable) on the clothing of the human forces or the desired equipment, as well as installing the receiver in the required places, the status information of each object is transferred to the server software, and the status is online. It is visible for a moment.

It should be noted that this system has three software subsystems:

  • Mapping of mines.

  • Division of mines according to the needs of the system manager.

  • Location of installation of receivers required by each department.

  • Management and monitoring system for transportation mechanisms (WEB BASE).

  • Operation control system on PDA and smartphone.

Announcing safety warnings for maintenance workers online

The large volume of activity in an environment with a large area and extreme variety of equipment has created difficult conditions for the safety unit. People’s visits to different parts and the risks related to each part require a warning system in the said places. On the other hand, the approval of entry and exit permits is a factor that can be implemented with a distributed methodology and the necessary warnings can be announced to the operational forces. The implementation of this system has the following requirements:

  • Carrying out the phase of identifying the important places to install the iBeacon transmitter
  • Carrying out the recognition phase in the field of communicating with organizational systems if needed
  • Warning notification system to be installed on PDA or smartphone
Intelligentization of equipment to obtain repair history, prerequisites and safety tips for repairs

One of the challenges of maintenance groups when using maintenance and repair systems is to get the history of repairs in a simple and real-time manner.

Also, the items related to the equipment and discussion of the prerequisites, requirements, and post-requirements of the desired maintenance and repairs operation along with the non-interference of the operations of different work groups are another concern of the maintenance and repairs unit.

iBeacon technology can solve all these problems by using simple tools and provide maintenance and repair managers with a map of the presence of work groups in different places.

In this way, managers can have full supervision from the start of maintenance and repair operations to its end in order to accurately measure maintenance and repair indicators.

In order to solve this problem, the above facilities can be given to different units with the distributed location methodology by iBeacon.

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