Industrial tablet

Definition of LIAA model industrial tablet


This industrial tablet is a combination of a tablet and a computer, which has access to computer ports and the ability to run the latest version of the Android operating system.

  • Advantages of LIAA:

  • Processing speed according to needs

  • Very low power consumption

  • Low price compared to similar products

  • High reliability

  • Small volume and weight compared to conventional computers

  • Ease of use of the product

  • Very easy access to additional facilities

  • Ability to develop as desired and without restrictions

  • Made and designed in the country

  • Availability of all resources and circuit maps

  • The possibility of making any changes

  • Prediction of future developments and the possibility of its implementation

  • Industrial tablet applications:

1) Routing system (AVL)

Many routing systems are used only to determine the location, which can be achieved by using a regular GPS device, but some other systems, in addition to routing, also play the role of guidance and determining the moving path. are in charge Such systems are usually equipped with a screen to display the map and moving location as well as its direction. Due to the capabilities of this single board computer, it can easily be used as an AVL device.

2) Intelligent vehicle control system

In addition to routing, the intelligent car system can handle many options and features of cars, including automatic navigation system, audio and video systems, security system, reporting and performance management systems, etc.

The LIAA industrial tablet has the ability to be used as this system in cars, public vehicles (in order to calculate the costs of transportation and transportation of passengers or cargo), marketing and transportation and distribution of salable products by manufacturers (in addition to short Making the distribution routes can help to serve the customers better) can be used.

3) Smart home

A smart home is a building in which all its components (controllable and controllable components) are connected to each other in some way and have the ability to be managed or managed. This communication can be implemented through wired or wireless protocols. By implementing a smart building, significant savings can be made in energy consumption as well as proper cost management.

With the implementation of a smart house, it is possible to install a heating and cooling system, a lighting supply system (control of lights and curtains), a security and management system (automatic door, surveillance cameras and burglar alarms, etc.), a fire alarm and extinguishing system, a system Water supply and irrigation and many other systems were managed remotely or automatically. This industrial tablet can easily become the central core and processing and decision-making unit of the smart home system.

smart home
4) Smartening of industrial equipment

Due to the use of industrial parts and equipment in the LIAA single-board computer, this device can be used in the intelligentization and automation of industrial systems. For example, this device can be used in the management, planning and protection of agricultural well panels or engine houses and generator houses, control and management of the command circuit and control panels of the power distribution system as well as industrial electrical panels, an alternative to the computers used in Used CNC machines.

In the LIAA industrial tablet, many major parts are installed in a modular way, which can be removed or added as needed.

5) Use as HMI

Human-machine interface (HMI) is used for monitoring and viewing the parameters of industrial devices.

Due to the fact that this device can support different operating systems, its security can be guaranteed by using safe operating systems and it can be used in industrial systems for control and monitoring purposes.

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