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Rayan Pazhohan Zharf Andish Company was established in 2013 with the participation of a group of experienced experts in the field of information technology and design and production of software and information management systems.

The main activities:

Design and implementation:
Arad comprehensive maintenance and repair system (CMMS)
Fleet control system (AVL)
360 degree performance evaluation software
System based on beacon technology (IBEACON)

● Providing a professional product under the title of industrial tablet.

Other activities:

Professional website design.

● Holding a statistical techniques training course.

● Providing office automation software.

● Providing supply and consulting services in the field of hardware and parts selection.

● Providing and implementing comprehensive solutions for network safety and security and preventing the destruction and loss of information.

● Consulting, designing, setting up, supporting, troubleshooting and optimizing computer networks.

● Analysis and design of information systems based on statistical bases.

● Professional web-based systems.

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