What is the application of Beacon technology in asset tracking?

beacon technology
  • What is asset tracking?

Object tracking is a solution for tracking the usage and location of a variety of physical assets. Using this method, you can track the exact location of your assets in the indoor and outdoor environment (indoor mapping).

Different methods are used to locate objects. However, some of these methods, such as RFID or barcode scanning, are older. It should be noted that with the advancement of technology and the invention of modern electronic equipment, locating objects has improved a lot.

In this article, we talk about different technologies for locating objects:

  • Types of technology used to locate objects

Before explaining the different methods, we need to better understand the difference between the traditional and modern method of locating objects.

Traditional methods assign a specific number or code to all your equipment, which is done by attaching a special type of label to the desired objects, then you can scan these objects using scanning devices. Then locate. RFID, NFC and barcode are the most common types of traditional methods.

Modern methods use battery-powered tags to locate objects. These batteries last up to 5 years and are able to pinpoint the exact location of your property. All these processes use the Internet as a communication platform.

The most popular types of modern methods are GPS and BEACON.

You can use different technologies to locate objects according to your business and according to your needs. In the following, we will get to know these technologies in brief:

  • RFID:

beacon technology

Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID for short, uses radio waves to transmit the identifier and characteristics of an object wirelessly. This method is often used to locate the movement of people and other objects. All you need for this is to install an RFID tag. To track objects, the installed tag must be placed in the position of the electromagnetic field created by the reader. The locating circle of this reader is approximately 1 meter. The main advantage of RFID is its easy maintenance and cost-effectiveness.

  • Barcodes:


Barcodes are known as a series of lines printed on a product. This method is one of the most popular ways of locating objects. You can print these lines on any material using ink. If it is not possible to install RFID on all kinds of products. To locate items, you need to scan the barcode of your item using a barcode reader or smartphone. Although this method is more effective than the previous method, it is no longer reliable over time. Moreover, it cannot mechanize your entire process.

  • NFC:

ibeacon technology

Near field communication is almost similar to locating objects by RFID. However, it does not require special equipment like RFID. In this way, you can track your property using your smartphone.

The most common example of using NFC technology is the indirect contact payment system.

  • GPS:

beacon technology

The most powerful way to locate objects globally is to use GPS. All previous devices require the installation of special equipment. However, locating objects by GPS does not require such equipment because they work on their own internal battery. This is the most accurate way to locate your objects. The main disadvantage of GPS tracking is the need for some energy and the lack of positioning in an indoor location.

  • Beacon:


Locating objects by Beacon is the newest and most effective positioning method. There are different ways to use this technology to locate objects.

The first and most important method is to install beacons in fixed locations that can emit a series of IDs and different Bluetooth devices can use this ID to connect. In the second method, you can use a mobile tracker that emits BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) in addition to ID, in which case different devices receive these signals.

This type of object location technology has many advantages over the other mentioned methods. This way of doing things does not depend on the IT infrastructure. This technology provides us with accurate geographic location in indoor and outdoor spaces. The accuracy of this work depends on the number of beacons used, as a result, the number of iBeacons means more accuracy in locating objects. Another important benefit of Beacon technology is the long battery life.

This technology has more advantages than other traditional methods. For example, GPS was the most effective way to locate objects, but it drained the smartphone’s battery and was also completely ineffective in closed spaces. Beacon technology has a variety of applications, so all major companies use this technology to locate objects.

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  • What assets should you check?

Finding assets is an essential part of your business. Especially, when you have a lot of possessions but don’t know where they are.

In the following, we will look at some examples of beacon technology applications in locating objects:

Locating objects is very efficient in manufacturing companies because you can improve the performance of workers by monitoring their movements. In addition, you can monitor the movement of goods for better management.

Locating objects by beacon helps you manage the hospital. By knowing the exact location of objects, you can increase the use of medical equipment and improve the doctor’s performance. In addition, you can monitor the location of employees in real time to avoid wasting time.

You can easily control your logistics. For example, you can track package movement through warehouses. Locating objects speeds up the work process and eliminates errors.

In short, in almost all fields, you can use the location of objects by beacon technology to manage your assets and monitor your employees, thereby increasing the quality of their work.

  • The advantage of locating objects by beacon technology

beacon technology

If you successfully implement the object location system by beacon technology, you will notice many benefits. Here are some of the main advantages of locating objects using beacon technology:

  1. Automated Inventory: You can easily keep inventory of warehouse goods, thus avoiding human errors and repeated calls.
  2. Optimum asset utilization: You can get information about overutilization, underutilization, and utilization rates in your fleet.
  3. Better customer service: This technology improves customer service by improving management methods.
  4. Risk reduction: You can detect the risk of theft and misuse of your property in time.
  5. Increase operational efficiency: Know the true position of your assets.
  • Guaranteed location of objects by beacon technology

It is now clear that different companies can use beacon technology in different areas because beacons increase the speed of locating and managing assets and reduce many common mistakes during the process of doing work. Therefore, various industries and retailers use this technology to increase their business performance.

You can entrust us with the location of your objects today.

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