Application of beacon technology in 2021


Some uses of beacon technology in 2021


Multinational store manager Carrefour installed beacon technology in 28 of its hypermarket stores in Romania. Thanks to Beacon, the store manager saw a 400% increase in shopper engagement, which resulted in increased sales and reduced time spent shopping.

The Carrefour team deployed in-store Beacon technology to send various notifications to customers upon entry, offer items based on previous purchases, and display relevant coupons.


Upon arrival, customers were sent welcome messages, product recommendations and mobile coupons. When buyers download the Carrefour app and visit the store, this app will provide them with relevant notifications in each section.

For example, if a buyer is in a hypermarket, a notification about a flash sale with a 25% discount will be sent to him, and in fact, this brand will announce its special offers in this way. Beacon technology helps consumers to experience an easy purchase.

Vulcania theme park:

An educational amusement park named Vulcania is located in the region of Auvergne volcanoes in France. Going to this amusement park is like a fun trip that reveals the secrets of the earth, explores volcanoes and learns about the forces of nature.

The theme park deployed 160 iBeacons throughout its vast grounds, beacons that help visitors to Vulcania find their way around the complex architecture of the park. The purpose of the officials in placing the beacons for the park is to help the visitors to easily find the various attractions and facilities.

Beacons function as a substitute for GPS signals to create an indoor navigation system.

The Vulcania program also increases visitor numbers throughout the park. This program displays the list of attractions on the screen and determines the closest location to the user’s location and directs the person to the desired location with the shortest waiting time. In addition, visitors can receive coupons and discount notifications. Receive location-based and profile information while waiting in line.

“Users know where they are on the map, select a location and say I want to go here,” explains engineer Joel Mussand. It guides to the selected attraction. As you reach a new location (POI), images change in real-time. This app really fills a basic need!”

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